Services for Educational Institutions

  • Emergency Safety and Security Management Plan with Training
  • Safety and Security Assessments (exceeds Rule 10 requirements)
  • Personal Safety Training
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Risk Management Planning

About School Security Services

School Security Services is a Nesbitt & Associates, Inc. company, a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions. A wholly owned subsidiary, School Security Services specializes in providing solutions for educational institutions. Led by executive management with over fifty years of award-winning law enforcement and public safety experience, the School Security Services team includes industry-recognized experts in organizational security posture analysis, threat assessment, and management, workplace violence video security systems, and emergency preparedness plan development in the school environment.

to prepare for, prevent, respond, and recover from critical incidents including:

  • Outside Intrusion
  • Workplace Violence
  • Natural Disasters/Hazards
  • Public Health/Pandemic Threat

Integrated Security Assessment

Comprehensive assessment & analysis of your school’s security posture including:

  • Physical site inspection
  • Pictorial site mapping
  • Area crime statistics
  • In place security measures review
  • Security technology review
  • Security policies/procedures review
  • Admin/staff security
  • Perception survey

Safety Issue Consulting/Seminars

Large or small group presentations:

  • Bullying/Cyber bullying
  • Sexting
  • Youth Suicide
  • Hazing
  • Dating/Sexual Violence
  • Substance Abuse
  • Student/Faculty Relationships
  • Behavior Threat Assessment
  • School Workplace Violence

Personal Safety Training

Danger awareness, defensive postures, and strategies including:

  • Weapons Threats
  • Predator and Stalker Threat
  • Harassment
  • Sexual Violence